DML Training Results

Doing ministry is exciting!  But knowing that the ministry that God has you involved in is producing transformational results is even more exciting!

At DML, we believe in research.  We want to know that what we are “preaching” actually works.

So from 2013-2015, we did a two year research study in Kenya with three churches who implemented DML and three churches who did not (for comparison purposes), and 260 businesses, half of whom went through the DML ministry and half who did not (for comparison purposes).  At the end of the two years, we saw results that show churches grow numerically and financially, as well as businesses who grew financially.  To see the results of the Kenya study, please click here:  DML Kenya Research 2015.

But we thought we should do more research with a larger pool of churches and businesses as well as in a different part of Africa.  So we did a second research study from December 2017 to December 2019 in northern Ghana, with 25 churches and 608 businesses.  We again saw positive results for churches, businesses, and the community.  To see the results of this research study, click here:  DML Research Report 2020.

If you really like charts and graphs, and would like to see more supporting indicators, please click here for the longer report for the results of the Ghana research:  DML Research Report 2020 long

We are thankful to Hopeline Institute and ICM Kenya for helping us in the gathering of this research!