Discipling Marketplace Leaders


Discipling Marketplace Leaders believes that our work first begins on our knees. We have been praying as a team once a week for thirty minutes since the beginning of this ministry. But in 2020, during COVID, we began to pray in earnest together as a team, and we continue to pray every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for one hour.

We start together by praying through ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication).

When we have emptied ourselves of our personal confession, thanks, and needs, we are ready to begin One Accord Praying.

What is One Accord Praying? There are many types of prayer found in Scripture that we also practice.  To name a few would be prayers of thanksgiving, of intercession, of spiritual warfare, consecration, contemplation, and prayers of one accord. 

One accord prayer is Spirit-directed prayer.  The Holy Spirit within us moves in our hearts, initiates our requests, and leads us in how we should pray.  Therefore, the focus is on God and not on the approval of others. 

It is praying one subject at a time until that subject is exhausted, and the Holy Spirit leads us to another topic.

What is the purpose of One Accord Praying? There are typically two things that brings about one accord praying – either crisis or a great need.  In One Accord prayer, all individuals set their personal prayer items aside to pray about this greater good as seen in the crisis/great need.

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If you would be interested in joining our prayer time, please email us at info@dmleaders.org for more information.