Discipling Marketplace Leaders
Pastors/Church Leaders

Pastors/Church Leaders

The work of DML is to equip the local church to have a ministry that disciples people in the workplace to do their work to the glory of God.  Just as a church might have a youth ministry, a women’s ministry, or a men’s ministry, the church also needs a workplace ministry.  This is where the majority of our members spend the majority of their time each week.  Our goal is to teach pastors and church leaders the biblical and theological foundation for this ministry by spending time together to understand the God of Business, looking at the Old and New Testament, and then looking at the need for reconciliation and the role that the Church can play in that.

This is done through a two-day workshop.  Upon conclusion, if a church would like to have this ministry, there is an application of intent to be filled out, and the church is then challenged to do what we call “Thirty Days in the Marketplace.”  This is a month in the church calendar where the pastor will preach on “Work as Worship” and “Business as Mission.”  We provide sermon outlines if needed.  The church together is given thirty days of devotions to read through daily.  In doing this, the pastor is “turning the soil” to prepare the members for the training that DML offers for business people.

Once the “Thirty Days in the Marketplace” is completed, the DML team will assess the church to see whether the microbusiness training, small and medium entrepreneurial training, or Leaders in the Workplace training is needed.  The training is then offered and is completed with a commissioning service during a church service.

Once this initial training is completed, the church can then identify members who can be trainers for subsequent classes.  A training of trainers will be given, with the resources needed to have an ongoing ministry in the church focused on supporting people to be saints, priests, and ambassadors in the workplace.