Discipling Marketplace Leaders
Business Training

Business Training

Discipling Marketplace Leaders offers three different trainings, depending on the needs of the members of the local church.  

Micro-Business Leaders – Designed for those businesses who employ less than two people, and who are seeking to grow their business. The micro-business training is a total of twelve hours, taking place over the course of two or three days, resulting in a simplified business plan to help grow the business to the Small and Medium Size (SME) level.

Small and Medium Size Entrepreneurs – Designed for businesses who employ three or more people and have been in existence for more than six months. This training takes place for three hours per week, over the course of twelve weeks, covering such topics as Business as Mission, Ethics, Marketing, Book-keeping, and Management. The result will be a business plan that will be a roadmap to success for the business.

Leaders in the Workplace – Designed for people who are employed in business, education, or government. This course can be eight weeks for two hours per week or twelve one-hour sessions for an Adult Sunday School class. The goal is to create a personal ministry statement for how work can be an act of worship, with a quadruple bottom line for each person in their workplace.

Youth Entrepreneurship – In many countries, the youth are graduating from universities with degrees but are not finding jobs; in other contexts, secondary school graduates do not have funds to go to university. This youth entrepreneurship program is designed to take place over three months, teaching young adults business skills, interviewing skills, personality inventories, as well as helping them launch a small business.


Why Train? Many business owners around the world have not participated in formal business training. They have learned mainly through observing family members or others. The purpose of this training is to help participants discuss business methods and then put them into practice. By training over a long period such as 12 weeks, participants also have time to manage their business practices while learning, which can greatly increase productivity. This is a picture of how we retain information:

  • 20% of what we HEAR
  • 30% of what we SEE
  • 50% of what we HEAR and SEE
  • 70% of what we DISCUSS
  • 90% of what we MAKE and MANAGE ourselves

Because of this, our training is not comprised of lectures but rather is interactive, giving adult, experienced business people opportunities to share, question, challenge, and converse with other adults, experienced business people. There are weekly practical application opportunities to put the learning into practice, culminating in a professional business plan, with goals, objectives, and strategies to help the business succeed.