Discipling Marketplace Leaders


Ministry Overview

Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) has a threefold focus:

  1. Universities, Seminaries and Bible Schools – God is calling His people to rediscover the Biblical truth that all work, done to the glory of God, is holy. This truth needs to flow out of Christian Institutions at all levels.
  2. Church Leadership – Pastors and Christian leaders are the gatekeepers for the local congregation. By rediscovering the Biblical truth of the priesthood of the believer the local church unleashes the power of every believer as light and leaven in and through the community.
  3. Christians in the Marketplace – The majority of the members of most churches are involved in the marketplace, through business, labor, education and/or government. Learning how God has called us to work, believers gain new insights on how to live for Jesus 24/7.

Through these three conduits, DML seeks to resurface the core Biblical truth that God created humanity to work and care for creation. This makes “work” a holy calling. It is on this foundation, called the Great Commitment (also known as the Cultural Mandate) that the Great Commandment is lived out and the Great Commission is carried out.

The illustration on the right provides a visual of the critical components of the DML ministry:

Four-Fold Bottom Line:

DML teaches that every Christian and every business has a four fold bottom line:

  1. Missional – sharing the love of Jesus intentionally with those they come in contact with naturally.
  2. Economical – Aid does not lift a country out of poverty.  The economic bottom line ensure capacity to deal with personal finance while having more to help other rise out of poverty.
  3. Environmental – The Great Directive in Gen. 1:28 puts the burden of caring for creation squarely on the shoulders of in special creation, humanity.  Christians should be at the forefront of ensuring the sustainability of a creation entrusted to them by the great Creator.
  4. Social – Loving God and others is central to the message of the Good News.  Every believer needs to examine closely the call to be “their brothers keeper” including businesses.  To love all who bear the image of our Creator is central to the message we share.

For more information on how the DML ministry works, please read through the DML Flowchart.

Rev. Johnson, from Tamale, Northern Ghana