Discipling Marketplace Leaders


DML Annual Calendar for Local Churches

Find resources to help your workplace discipleship ministry carry out regular activities to reinforce doing business to the glory of God and doing work as worship:

  1. Annual Calendar for a Workplace Ministry
  2. January – February: DML Business Rededication and Business Month
  3. February: Business Month Sermon Outlines, Devotions, Service Activities
  4. March and September – Subject Matter Expert – email renita@dmleaders.org for details.
  5. April 22 and June 5: Earth Day and World Environment Day Activities and Ideas
  6. May 1: International Labour Day/Work as Worship Retreat
  7. August: Prayer Walk

DML Videos

Are you interested in going through DML’s foundational workshop, business training or other video resources? You can find us on YouTube @disciplingmarketplaceleaders or click on the links below:

  1. DML Foundational Workshop – 12 sessions @ 30 minutes.
  2. DML Basic Business Training – 12 sessions
  3. DML Subject Matter Experts – various speakers on various topics including agriculture, animal husbandry, sales and more!
  4. DML Devotions – short videos that can be shared with church members on WhatsApp or other social media platforms to help direct our day to do work as worship.


PDF Documents for download to help you better understand DML:

  • DML Annual Report 2023 (2.94 MB PDF) – God continues to invite us to join Him in His work across Africa and beyond as we seek to equip the church to do work as worship. Read more here about what happened in 2023!
  • DML Annual Report 2022 (550 KB PDF) – Read about the work that was accomplished throughout 2022!
  • DML Annual Report 2021 (352KB PDF) – Read about the work that was accomplished by fourteen partners in twelve countries throughout 2021!
  • The DML Portfolio (3MB PDF) – A brief summary of the work that we do, why we do it, and where it is being implemented.
  • DML Annual Report 2020 (899 KG PDF)- Read about the work that was done in 2020 despite the significant challenges presented by COVID-19.
  • DML Annual Report 2019 (17 MB PDF) – Read about the good work that God has been doing through DML in 2019.
  • Wealth Creation Manifesto (680KB PDF) – Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of “wealth creation” and prefer the term “poverty alleviation.”  This document, put out by the Business as Mission Congress, explores the idea of wealth creation from a faith perspective.
  • Lausanne Commission BAM (762 KB PDF) – This is the official document written in 2004 by the Lausanne Commission for Worldwide Evangelism and how they define Business as Mission.  Note that the recommendations they make are two:  first to the Church, and then to business people.
  • Poverty Cure Statement of Principles (376 KB PDF) – The Acton Institute has put out a powerful six-part series that speaks very well to the challenge of poverty alleviation from a Christian perspective and the role that business and entrepreneurship plays in that important work.  These principles speak to their core beliefs.
  • DB2018-Full-Report (14.5 MB PDF) – The World Bank puts out an annual report on the “Ease of Doing Business,” assessing and ranking each country on various categories.  Check this out to see how your country is doing, and compare it to some of the countries where DML is working.
  • Jesus-and-the-Parables-1 (298 KB PDF) – This article by Dr. Klaus Issler of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics looks closely at the inclusion of work roles in Jesus’ parables.  An excellent read.

DML Celebrates ten years! Watch the story unfold here:


Hear Dr. Reed-Thomson talk about models of sustainability in this podcast episode.


Written by DML’s own Phillip Walker, PhD and Renita Reed-Thomson, PhD:

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