Discipling Marketplace Leaders
Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Dr. Renita Reed-Thomson is the founder and president of Discipling Marketplace Leaders. She describes herself as a “Dutch-Canadian-American-Liberian-Ghanaian-Kenyan citizen”! But ultimately, Renita is a citizen of Heaven as a child of God. Dr. Reed-Thomson has lived and worked in Africa since 2005 and loves the important role that business plays in the flourishing of the earth and longs for every church to teach work as worship. Dr. Reed-Thomson has her BA in Psychology, a MBA in Sustainability, and PhD in Sustainable Development. She is the proud mother of Hannah Reed and Noah Reed, and wife to Michael Thomson. Dr. Reed-Thomson currently lives in Grand Rapids MI when she is not traveling and working across Africa. To learn more about Renita, please read her blog.

Dr. Emeline Nde hails from Cameroon, West Africa and is currently living in Maryland. Emeline is a pastor and a missionary, and is passionate about the Church and Africa. Emeline has her doctorate in Servant Leadership. Emeline serves as the Deputy International Coordinator for DML.

Board of Directors

Dr. Phillip Walker was the co-founder and president of International Christian Ministries, having served in the Middle East and Africa for over forty years. Dr. Walker serves as the Chair of the Board, and has been seconded by ICM to DML to serve as a trainer and leader for the DML ministry. Dr. Walker is married to Debbie, has three sons, twelve grand-children, and currently lives in Virginia.

Nate VanderStelt is the Executive Vice-President of the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX) and lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Nate serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board.

Letta Jean Taylor is the former Mayor of the town of Montreat, as well as former Chair of the Board for International Christian Ministries, with a long history of passion for Africa. Letta Jean serves as the Treasurer for the Board.

Dr. Bernard Ayoola is the Director of the African Resource Center of West Michigan and is also a pastor.

Lou Haveman has served as a missionary in Africa for many years and is an entrepreneur at heart. Lou is the founder and CEO of Business Connect.

Dave Graf is a contractor in Grand Rapids with a heart for prayer and a passion for the church.


Paul Soper serves DML as our volunteer Chief Financial Officer. Paul is a retired CPA and has served various ministries in Latin America as well as Africa. Paul is married to Sue, with three grown children, and live in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sue Soper serves DML as our volunteer accountant. Sue is a retired CPA and has also served several ministries in Latin America. Sue is married to Paul, with three grown children, and they live in Grand Rapids MI.