Discipling Marketplace Leaders
Calling All Gospel Patrons!

Calling All Gospel Patrons!

What is a Gospel Patron?

Great Question! John Rinehart’s book, Gospel Patrons (get book here!) shares three stories of people who used their business to support the spreading of the gospel in ways that are still impacting us today. While many have heard of William Tyndale and his Bible translations, most have not heard the story of Humphrey Monmouth, who supported Tyndale’s work and was imprisoned for doing so. The body of Christ is made up of many people with gifts and talents in all shapes and sizes, with the ability to work together. As someone who is passionate about spreading the news that Work is Worship, we encourage you to read this book as we believe you will see yourself in each of these powerful stories.

To provide scholarships for DML leadership training around the world, this April we will be reaching out to supporters like yourself to help us raise $30,000 in 30 days! This campaign will equip disciples in each of our partner countries to advance the gospel through business development. By definition, your participation in this campaign makes you a gospel patron!

DML provides trainings to four audiences:

  1. Pastors and Church Leaders/Denominational Level Trainings
  2. Seminaries and Bible Colleges/Universities
  3. Marketplace Ministers in all sectors: business, government, education, and more!
  4. Partner Ministry leaders who are implementing DML in countries and places where DML is not working.
How do scholarships in DML work?

Scholarships empower those that are financially challenged to have the ability to attend our workshops and trainings. With just $20, we can provide a two-day training and meals for a pastor or church leader to attend our foundational workshop. With just $50, we can train business leaders for three hours per week for twelve weeks.

Thanks to supporters like you, in 2022, we were able to train 3,047 pastors and 8,877 business owners to learn how to do their work to the glory of God! With your help, we’d love to train even more in 2023!

Giving is easy and convenient! Click below and under “select a campaign,” pick the scholarship fund.