Discipling Marketplace Leaders


Ethiopia is a beautiful country with beautiful people.  It is a country that is so rich in history!

But Ethiopia ranks 161 out of 190 countries (2018) for the ease of doing business.  To start a business, Ethiopia ranks 174 out of 190 countries.  This means the structures are complicated and the cost is high.  Access to credit is also ranked at 173 out of 190 countries, and credit is important to the growth of a business.  The median income in Ethiopia is $660/year.

We are thrilled to have two partners in Ethiopia who are passionate about Church-based Business as Mission.

Partners in Ethiopia:

1. Kale Heywet Church

The Kale Heywet Church is the largest evangelical church in Ethiopia, with over 6000 churches and more than ten million members!  The Kale Heywet Church has a Business as Mission Office, with Yoseph Bekele at the helm, and he has trained to be a DML trainer.  He is now preaching, teaching, and equipping churches to have marketplace ministries, training their members to do their work as an act of worship.

2. KIBIR [Kingdom Impact Businesses & Investment Resources] in partnership with SIM

Missionary Jon Gerst with SIM and Misikir Aliku have formed this ministry to move the work of Business as Mission forward in Ethiopia.  Both have trained as trainers of DML as well and are working to implement in various areas of Ethiopia.

3.  Evangelical Theological College (ETC) in Addis Ababa

ETC has hosted DML since we started coming to Ethiopia in 2016 and has hosted many DML events, as it serves the Evangelical Church in Ethiopia, helping to create strong leaders in the church.

Bring Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) to Ethiopia.
Right now, we are working on creating a version of DML in Amharic for the people of Ethiopia. Join us in this.

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