Nigeria is known as the country in Africa with the highest population; at 191 million, it is #7 in the world, with a median age of 18 years old. This can mean exciting things for an up-and-coming work force, but Nigeria is also very challenged as it relates to the ease of doing business.

Nigeria ranks at 169 out of 190 countries, a very low score, with the biggest challenges being seen in the area of electricity and an efficient and equitable application of the rule of law. The average per capital income in Nigeria is $430 USD/annum, which means the poverty rate is very high.

ICM-USA is still looking to formalize the implementing partner in Nigeria.

Your support will go toward translation of materials into Hausa, the facilitation of trainings for pastors and church leaders, and the coordination of the business and church networking. Additionally, an investment into the DML loan program will help Nigerians have access to affordable credit, while paying you 5% per annum on funds invested. For every dollar invested into a developing country’s economy, it is expected to produce $12. We are looking to have $100,000 USD invested into Nigeria, which would translate into. $1,200,000 USD in the economy. That is potentially amazing growth.

To make a donation, please go to the ICM Donate page and select “Discipling Marketplace Leaders” in the dropdown box, and indicate “Nigeria” in the comment section. To make an investment, please Contact DML International Coordinator, Renita Reed-Thomson for more information.