I had to start teaching just hours after the long trip from Grand Rapids to Accra, Ghana.  I felt pretty good, but I knew it was a stretch to be my best.  It turned out well and after teaching we were to go to dinner (although I was ready to go to bed).  God’s timing does not wait for my rest!  During the dinner a key business lady began to share her excitement about the DML message and work.  It is always nice to hear from busy...

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A Crown for a Bishop and a Boy

Posted By on Aug 5, 2018

One of the participants in our recent workshop in Ghana shared this story that her mother had told her when growing up: Once upon a time, there was an important Bishop of a Church who oversaw a great number of churches. Working for him was a young man, who started to serve the Bishop as a young child. This young man was tasked with bringing the Bishop his food, washing and ironing his clothes, shining his shoes, and running general...

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