Lausanne Congress 4: Seoul Journey
Lausanne Congress 4: Seoul Journey

Lausanne Congress 4: Seoul Journey

Today (Monday) I leave for South Asia where I will be until March 1st.  This is the first of a number of trips planned for 2024 and I’m excited to get going!  I will have the opportunity to speak in four different cities, do business trainings as well as other workshops and speaking events, including a keynote address at a business university on “Globalization, Capitalism, and Flourishing.”  

While this is my first trip in 2024, our DML team has preceded me in missionary journeys, with a combined DML team from Burkina Faso and Ghana making their way to Togo to spread the DML message there.  We thank God for how the DML Global team is growing and moving!

I’m now excited to share with you about a very special opportunity in September of this year.  The Lausanne Movement is meeting for their fourth congress in Seoul, South Korea and I have been invited to participate.  This is a special honor as you cannot apply to be part of this congress – you must be nominated.  There will be 5,000 people from almost every nation in the world joining for this congress!

If you aren’t familiar with the Lausanne Movement, let me offer some information.  The Lausanne Movement is a global movement that seeks to accelerate global mission by providing a shared platform that is collaborative, biblical, and catalytic for a four-fold vision:  1.  The gospel for every person.  2.  Disciple-making churches for every people and place. 3.  Christlike leaders for every church and sector.  4. Kingdom impact in every sphere of society.

In 1974, Billy Graham felt a prompting to bring the global church together to address issues pertaining to the Global Church.  Each Congress and its ensuing documents offer a vision for how these issues can be addressed.  The first Congress in 1974 brought together 2,700 evangelical leaders in Lausanne, Switzerland and the Lausanne Covenant was written (mostly by well-known theologian John Stott).  In 1989, the second Congress met with 3,000 people from 170 countries, and the Manila Manifesto was formed. In 2010 the third Congress was held with 4,200 people from 198 countries and the Cape Town Commitment created.  In between the Congresses, subgroups met and continue the work; networking and partnerships grow and develop.  For example, in 2004 Business as Mission was discussed and formed the recommendations that DML has adopted for our work. We also often refer to the Cape town Commitment for its important contribution for the global church’s responsibility to creation care.  So DML have benefitted and now we get to give back.  To learn more about the Lausanne Movement, especially the fourth Congress, watch this video.

My nomination and selection were based on my work in the intersection of the church and the workplace, and that is what I will participate in specifically during the Lausanne Congress in September.

There are a number of things that are happening in preparation for this Congress.  A document called the “State of the Global Commission” will be released, as well as a number of other important papers/research relating to the global church.  

On a more personal level, I’ve given monthly reading assignments and videos to watch, small group meetings to join, prayer calls to join, and more.  They are making sure that those attending are prepared and moving together in thinking in one accord in order to hear the voice of the Lord in September.  Many important issues affecting the global church will be addressed and the opportunity for us to work in unity and harmony, across denominations and cultures, calls for earnest prayer and commitment!

Each person invited to attend in person is asked to pay a conference fee on a sliding basis based on income and other factors.  It is a significant fee for those of us in the West, as the funds will be used to help those coming from countries who can’t afford the hotel/airfare. I need to raise $5,000 in total for this (conference fee, airfare, and hotel) and this is where I am asking for partnership from the body of Christ.  

God has given every person three key resources – time, treasure, and talent.  I will use my time, talent, and treasure for the Congress and the preparations entailed, but I know that I’m not going alone. I will be representing DML as a ministry with its many denominations and businesspeople — who long to be seen as contributing to the flourishing of this world through their work.  I also will be representing my church, my family, my community, and my nation.

Therefore, I would ask you to prayerfully consider joining me on this journey with your time, talent or treasure.  I would love for you to join me in prayer for this congress as it will be looking to address the state of the Church in 2050.  I also need financial support to be able to join this congress.  The financial support will make it possible for people from every nation to attend.

If you would like to join me in this opportunity and would like more information, you can read more about the Lausanne 4 Seoul Congress here and read a letter from me here which provides the details for donations.  

While the percent of worldwide Christians has remained the same for the last 150 years (at about 33%), there is a real opportunity for that to change.   The goals of the gospel for every person and Kingdom impact in every sphere of society need a global effort.  Please join us as we join the Global Church!

[If you do feel led to contribute to this, I respectfully ask that this does not take away from any gifts that you would normally give to DML, as the work of DML continues in sixteen countries and needs the ongoing support that allows us to reach more and more people with its message!]