DML Global Planning and Preparations through Zoom!
DML Global Planning and Preparations through Zoom!

DML Global Planning and Preparations through Zoom!

This week DML had its annual summit – virtually this time.  [On the even years, we gather in person; on the odd years, we gather online.] We had more than 90 people in attendance, from fourteen countries, across thirteen time zones.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship, fun, worship, sharing, planning, and processing.  

Each of our implementing partners went to a retreat center to have some fun, fellowship, prayer time, rest time, and planning time for 2024.  A big thank-you to our partners who help to make this possible!  This is such an important time, as we look at what we have done thus far in 2023, what our impact surveys have told us, what we can celebrate, and where we need to make course corrections.  We then plan on how to use our time, treasure, and talent better in 2024 to increase the return on our investment for the building of the Kingdom of God on earth!

Here are a couple of quotes that we heard this week from pastors and marketplace ministers:

As a pastor, I had no idea how to equip myself economically and I was living a low-level lifestyle. After the DML training God opened my eyes as he did with Moses. I sold my house and bought land for farming. Then I planted banana trees. After a few months, I covered all the cost that I spent on the land. This has become a good example for other church ministers. 

I am a taxi driver. I used to charge unreasonable amounts to my customers. I attended the training of DML and understood that I need to honor God through my business. I started being honest to my customers. 

I have a weighing machine’s business. I provide sales and service. Customers used to bring their weighing machines for repairs, and I used to give them a time frame. I never used to stay true to my word. I learned that I must do work as worship. I brought change into my behavior. My customers are happy with me now.

Some of the team pictures from this past week are below.

This week, one of our partners from South Asia, Praveen and Chrysolite Karagani, will be with us to share about the incredible work being done in planting marketplace churches.  We are so excited to hear from them as they share what God is doing to build His church in places where churches are no longer welcome – the marketplace is such a place where real growth can be seen!

DML Cameroon team