DML makes the news in Malawi:  “Skilled Youth Catalyst for Malawi Economic Growth
DML makes the news in Malawi: “Skilled Youth Catalyst for Malawi Economic Growth

DML makes the news in Malawi: “Skilled Youth Catalyst for Malawi Economic Growth

Greetings, brothers and sisters in Christ! This week our DML Team has our Global Summit – virtually this year. We get together in person every other year and on the odd years, we meet on Zoom, while each team goes on their own retreat in their country. We can’t do this without our amazing supporters who make it possible! Please pray for these retreats and meetings, as we continue to process 2023 and plan for 2024. Our desire is to listen to the Lord as He leads and guides!

In other news (literally :), on October 23-24, 2023, our DML team leader for Nigeria (Dr. Gaga) made his way to Malawi for the second time this year to present DML. He met with a number of pastors and leaders, as well as with the Emmanuel University for the purposes of getting Church-based Business as Mission into the seminaries. They ended up publishing a newspaper article on this event, which you can read here:

By Misheck Silat Phiri and Priscilla Ben.

Dr. Gaga is front row, middle.

“Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) Ministries has challenged the youth in the country to acquire different skills such as professional brick laying, carpentry and fashion designing among others so that they become self-dependent and contributors to the country’s economy.

“The call was made by Bishop James M.P. Misi of Calvary Family Church (CFC) in Lilongwe-Falls on the sidelines of a training workshop that took place at his church premises bringing together founders and church pastors.

“The aim of the workshop was to impart participants with knowledge and information regarding their role in encouraging members of the congregation to go out and spread the word of God. Bishop Misi explained that the involvement of youth in different economic activities will help shore up consented effort that will end up fast-tracking inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty levels within families and society as whole.

“As one way of empowering the youth, Bishop Misi, a carpenter by profession, said he passed over all his carpentry tools and skills to his son, who is now operating a successful carpentry business. “I handed all the working materials to my son and he is currently doing fine, making money through the work and even supporting us, his family in many different ways,” he said. He then encouraged the youth in Malawi to enroll at different technical colleges and undergo vocational skills training.

“Clara Mhango who coordinated the meeting described the two days meeting as successful.

“In the church we have people of different professionals, whom we need to train how to preach in the working place to spread the gospel,” she said.

Dr. Gaga on the left.

“Mhango then revealed that plans are underway to open a vocational school that will provide skills programmes in complement to existing technical colleges such as Lilongwe, Soche and Mzuzu Technical Colleges.

“At the end of the event, resident pastor at CFC – Lilongwe Falls, Bishop Christopher Hora, who hosted the event, encouraged fellow ministers to utilise what they have learned.

“He urged fellow pastors and churches to equip themselves and reach people in marketplaces with the word of God.

“On his part, the main speaker during the gathering, Dr. Abraham Gaga, called on the pastors to work together in promoting faith and encouraging members of their respective denominations to spread the gospel.

“Dr. Gaga then reminded participants that the church has two wings – the church gathered and the church scattered -“but all need to be nurtured,” he said.

“The training is the second to be conducted in Malawi, the first one took place in Blantyre in 2022.”