Global Impact: Swiftly Moving Times for DML!
Global Impact: Swiftly Moving Times for DML!

Global Impact: Swiftly Moving Times for DML!

Greetings, dear friends!  I made it back safely from India last Sunday, was home for a week, and am now in Texas for the next two weeks.  During these two weeks, DML will be presenting at the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication conference, meeting with some local church leaders in the Dallas area for DML partnership, and then spending a full week at a studio in Harlingen, TX, recording more DML materials with an organization called Nation to Nation (N2N).  

Things are moving swiftly for DML, and it’s an exciting time!

Our recent visit to India with the BAM South Asia group has garnered interest from individuals and organizations in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many parts of India.  We are grateful to God for connecting us with those who share our mission to do work as worship.  It’s truly inspiring to meet like-minded individuals who are also passionate about this message!

While I was in India, some of our partners in Africa were busy spreading the message in new places, such as Sierra Leone and Zambia.  The impact of God’s work is spreading across borders, and we are thankful for the opportunities to connect with God’s people worldwide.

Here are some quotes from those who attended the workshops in Zambia:

From a businessman:  “The church does not care what we go through in business.  The church believes we always have money, but at times we go through hard times of loss, and we don’t find a place to share our challenges at church, which makes it very hard to identify ourselves in the Kingdom mission.”

 From a pastor:  “We have a dilemma of how best to accommodate businesspeople.  We were taught to believe that having a lot of money is a sin, thus we don’t have a proper way to accommodate businesspeople in church.  It’s like we need them because we need their money, which is very bad.”

Stay tuned as we continue to join God in what He is doing to build His church and reclaim the redeemed marketplace!

An honor to speak with a number of other great speakers at the Beyond Business Conference.
Vaibhav and Sujata with Udhhar on the left, and Praveen and Chrys from GCI on the right.