Thank you, God!  DML Global Summit 2022, Tanzania
Thank you, God! DML Global Summit 2022, Tanzania

Thank you, God! DML Global Summit 2022, Tanzania

It was all we hoped and prayed it would be and more.  The joy of being with each other in person again cannot be measured.  Bonds that have grown deeper by regularly praying together allowed us to very easily and quickly feel safe with each other and have good and challenging conversations.  

We laughed and cried.  We prayed and sang.  We celebrated what God is doing in the Marketplace across the world and marveled at the idea that He would include us in this work.  We re-examined WHY we do this ministry.  We re-examined for WHOM we do this ministry.  And we brainstormed and shared best practices for HOW to do this ministry.

We saw the work of the Tanzania team in action in a Masai village as well as a church in Dar es Salaam which has implemented DML in a way that is changing lives in the community.  And we had fun.  We went out to a game park for one day, filled up five jeeps and enjoyed the majesty of God’s beautiful creation and creativity in animals.  

Words can’t express how thankful to God I am for the richness of this summit.  Thirty-seven delegates from twelve countries arrived and departed with almost no problems.  That, by itself, is a miracle! We had prayed for a spirit of wisdom and revelation for our time together, and God answered that prayer.

Words can’t express how thankful I am to donors who supported this gathering.  I admit that I struggled with the cost of the summit prior to the event.  But I’m convinced that it was worth every dollar spent.  

And I’m thankful for every DML team member who showed up.  It is clear to see that DML is not just a program that these teams are doing but it is a lifestyle that they are owning and adopting within their own family, community, church and beyond.  We heard story after story of these leaders making disciples who make disciples, and doing work as an act of worship.  God has blessed DML with leaders who love God and love His Church.  

God is good, all the time.  And all the time, God is good, and that is His nature. Enjoy the pictures below and see the joy in each face!