Multiply Your Gift to DML on Giving Tuesday! And a prayer request for Tanzania.
Multiply Your Gift to DML on Giving Tuesday! And a prayer request for Tanzania.

Multiply Your Gift to DML on Giving Tuesday! And a prayer request for Tanzania.

Friends, we have an amazing opportunity on Giving Tuesday this year.  Two businesses, Belstra Milling (Indiana) and Alsum Farms (Wisconsin) have each agreed to match, up to $10,000, any gift given on Tuesday, November 30.  BUT if you give to DML through Facebook on Tuesday morning, your gift will be met with a fourth match by Facebook.*  That means if you give $100 through the DML donation website, it will turn into a $300 gift, and if you give through Facebook your $100 gift will become a $400 gift!  That is amazing!  We are so thankful to Belstra Milling and Alsum Farms for this opportunity!

(*Facebook will match the first eight million dollars given through FB starting at 8 am, and after that they will match 10% of gifts given.  Last year they had $50 million given through FB on Giving Tuesday, so if you want that fourth match, please give early!)

We are excited to finish 2021 strong and lead into 2022 with continued growth and opportunities in new areas.  Please consider joining us!

And for our prayer partners, we received word over this past week from our partner in Tanzania of an ongoing drought throughout Tanzania.  They told us that the Masai pastoralists with whom they have been working, pictured below, are losing many of their livestock due to this drought. 

The DML team in Tanzania was able to put a well in, and it has turned out to be a great help.  All the Masai and Mang’ati in the area are running here.  Before they were not mixing but they are now coming together in harmony:

Before it was a little bit green in this area, but not now:

Pastor Anthony also sent this message this past weekend of the effects of the drought in Dar es Salaam:

Frank’s project is one of the unique projects through which many people are going to learn how to raise chickens (egg layers), pigs, and cows in Dar es Salaam environment. Sadly, Frank has experienced a very bad disease in his project which has led to the death of more than 350 chickens. Thanks to God, government veterinarians have intervened in medical support.   The main challenge now is water availability. WE NEED RAIN. Let’s uphold East Africa before the LORD Praying for rain 🌧️🌧️ 🌧️ Drought has affected many social and economic activities. It has led also to serious power cuts due to hydroelectric power dependency. And when there’s no power, many businesses remain stagnant.  Pictures to follow:

Friends, please join us in prayer for rain in Tanzania!  Thank you for your partnership in the ministry of Discipling Marketplace Leaders!