Bricks from Plastic Bottles
Bricks from Plastic Bottles

Bricks from Plastic Bottles

Dr Walker and I (Renita) are on the road again and I am writing this from Burundi, which is a small country (a bit smaller than Maryland), just south of Rwanda.  It is one of the poorest countries in the world but a country of hard-working people with fruit and vegetables growing in almost every inch of space!  From Burundi, we will be going to Tanzania and then to Kenya.  It’s great to be out again, despite the challenges of COVID!  Unfortunately I arrived without any luggage so please pray that it will make it here!

One of the things I love about how Discipling Marketplace Leaders has developed over the years is that it is centered on a vision rather than a blueprint.  Because we have partners rather than employees, they have the freedom and liberty to continue to explore what God is calling them to do as it relates to DML implementation, and it often ends up reflecting their individual/organizational passion and gifting.

For example, one of the four bottom lines that we encourage is an environmental bottom line (the other three are missional, social, and economic).  Our partners vary in terms of which one they tend to emphasize, but our partner in Cameroon, called HUTSEED, has a particular passion around the stewardship of creation.  We have watched this blossom and grow in many creative ways over the past few years.

This week, the leader, whose name is Joy (which is so fitting if you see her beautiful joyful face!), sent us pictures of the training they were doing on making ecobricks from plastic bottles. These bricks can be 5-7 times stronger than concrete and uses the plastic waste that we see all around us.  So very cool!  I love it!

Genesis 2:15 tells us to work and care for creation.  The Bible is full of the Father’s love for this world He created – not just the people, but all of creation!  We get to be stewards of creation and it is a joy to see what we can do to have a positive impact for the glory of God!

When Joy posted these pictures on our Global WhatsApp group, the response from everyone was, “WOW!  I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS TOO!”  

And that is the value of a global team who lives and learns and loves each other!  So excited to be part of these team and learning from dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Enjoy more pictures below!

Pastor Nokoson getting busy with cutting plastic.
The finished product
The HUTSEED Team (Joy is second from the right)

PS – I hope you’ve had a chance to see our invitation to “Tuesdays with DML” – just a few minutes each Tuesday in August to learn a bit more about how this ministry works.  Tomorrow, look for an email to hear from our partner in Ethiopia where we are hearing about interesting connections between taxes and missionaries!  Join us and prayerfully consider becoming a Marketplace Ignitor with DML!