Back to Africa!
Back to Africa!

Back to Africa!

I am back in Africa!  I have not stepped foot on the continent for almost fourteen months, having made it back one day before things shut down, the longest stretch since I started going in 2004.  While the last fourteen months have brought some amazing, unexpected, and exciting growth for Discipling Marketplace Leaders, it did feel good to get the dust off the suitcases and head out again.

The trip is centered on West Africa, starting in Burkina Faso.  The leaders of the Assemblies of God Burkina Faso have been waiting since early last year for a training for all of their denominational leaders.  We postponed several times and are happy to be going to be with them now.  There are about 6000 AG churches in Burkina Faso and we will be speaking to the leadership.

We will then be meeting with the leadership of the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination, which started implementing DML about two years ago.  It will be good to spend time with them and help them go to a new level.

We will then be going to Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), courtesy of our partner in Burkina Faso who has organized several denominational leaders there to hear the message of DML.  

From there, we will go to Liberia to meet with the leaders of Harvest Intercontinental Ministries, formerly known as Bethel World Outreach.  They are implementing DML in all 80 of their churches in Liberia, with 55,000 members, but we have now learned that they are flying in their bishops from all around the world to attend the conference during the third week of May.  We are very excited about what this means for the continued call of the integration of faith and work taking place in and through our churches!

Please pray for us on this trip, especially with the COVID issues that will need to be negotiated from border to border.  But mostly pray that hearts and minds will be open, for all of us, for what God is doing in and through His church.

This past week I attended the BAM (Business as Mission) Global Congress (thanks to those of you who prayed for this event – more on that later!) and heard this lovely song which they are now calling the BAM Anthem, set to the tune of the old hymn, Abide with Me.  It is truly lovely.  Please enjoy!