Update on the work in Burkina Faso
Update on the work in Burkina Faso

Update on the work in Burkina Faso

Let me share about our partner in Burkina Faso, with the Church Mission Society (CMS) denomination of about 1000 churches.   Our leader, Theo, has done an excellent job of working in and through the denomination and local churches as it relates to the COVID-19 response through DML.  They were intentional about reaching beyond their denomination though, and because they reached out to a Muslim area with food support during the first phase of DML’s response, they were given permission to plant a church in an area that had no church!

Our second injection financial support in response to COVID-19 went toward three different types of businesses: four mask-making businesses, five soap-making businesses, and ten farms geared toward artemisia production.  Artemisia is a plant with medicinal plant, especially helpful with malaria.

The masks were made using only local cotton materials, approved by the National Quality Check Committee.


The Mayor being presented with masks for distribution, as our team continues to seek ways to be a blessing.

Here are some of the soap makers.  With the borders closed, the importation of soap is not an option so more internal soap makers are needed.

And here are the farmers being trained in the growing of artemisia:

Of course, our partners could not be able to do any of this without the support from you!  We are thankful for the broad DML family in North America and across Africa!