Part II:  Gifts that Keep on Giving in Ghana
Part II: Gifts that Keep on Giving in Ghana

Part II: Gifts that Keep on Giving in Ghana

Last week I reported on the “Gifts That Keep on Giving” in Cameroon. This week I received a report from Hopeline Institute in Ghana that made me smile, and so with all the bad news around, I thought I’d create “Part II: Gifts That Keep on Giving” in Ghana to perhaps put a smile on your face as well!

Hopeline Institute has been involved in business development since 2007 so it didn’t take much for them to begin working with businesses on producing personal protective equipment to help protect people from COVID-19. At the bottom of this post, you will be able to watch a brief video of these businesses in action,

But they didn’t stop there. As many jobs were shut down, many people turned to agriculture, so Hopeline Institute also used funds from DML to work with farmers and widows to start or expand their farms.

But they didn’t stop there! They are doing weekly teaching in various places, including in places afflicted with overcrowding and poverty.

We are so blessed to be partnered with an organization like Hopeline Institute and others who are similar in their compassionate yet sustainable and business approach to times like this!

Here is a video of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is being produced by businesses in partnership with Hopeline Institute.

Please pray for Hopeline Institute. And as the COVID-19 cases in Africa reach one million, we continue to watch, listen, work, and pray for this continent that bears much stress as it relates to economic and health opportunities. Please pray with us!