Replication…and a request for Africa Study Bibles
Replication…and a request for Africa Study Bibles

Replication…and a request for Africa Study Bibles

On Saturday, I leave for a longer trip (six weeks) to East Africa, starting in Tanzania, then to Kenya, then to Ethiopia.  It feels like I just got home…in part because in some ways I did just get home, but also there was a good amount of travel while I was home these past three weeks.

As the schedule for DML continues to intensify and the requests from churches and schools grows, it can feel overwhelming at times to try to figure out how we are going to replicate ourselves so that we can build capacity in local leadership and not have to respond to each request.

And then I get up in the morning and find a couple of dozen pictures from our partner in Ethiopia, Yoseph Bekele, of the many churches and pastors that he has been speaking, teaching, and preaching to in the last few weeks.  And it is so encouraging, because I know that he is SO much more effective than us in that he speaks Amharic and there is no need for clunky translation.

Then I get up another day and I find a dozen pictures from our partner in Liberia, Lisa Travis, who feels so led to speak about DML that she has gone beyond Liberia to Sierra Leone to teach a number of groups there.  And I see the smile on her face as she teaches and have heard from her about the need that DML meets in her heart in serving the Lord, and it makes me smile.

So let me share some pictures with you from both Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

And you can join us in thanking God for protecting Yoseph’s life – he sent me an email with pictures on Wednesday in which he had rolled his car yet emerged without a scratch.  The subject line of his email?  “It is God.”

One of the groups Yoseph spoke to recently in Ethiopia.

I love to see the DML materials in Amharic.  But we also use nesting dolls to illustrate the point about how we are discipled toward family and membership in the institutional church, but not toward how to be the church in the workplace or the Marketplace.  I love that Yoseph has turned the dolls faces away, just as we do when we teach it.

Another large group of people getting the message that Work is Worship!

Yoseph is in the center of this group that he recently trained.

His car, which was able to protect him, as he uses it to serve the Lord.

And now some pictures from Sierra Leone:

This woman is pointing out which maize is able to glorify God, as we remind ourselves that we are to preach the gospel to the whole creation.  I love Lisa’s smile on this picture as she seems to be thoroughly enjoying teaching.

Lisa teaching in Sierra Leone.

Lisa with one group in Sierra Leone.

Group work and Bible study is an important part of our workshops.  We need to ensure that what we are being taught is Biblical!

Lisa with another group in Sierra Leone.

I do have a request:  On March 21 and 22, we will be working with the Kitale Diocese of the Anglican Church of Kenya, with about 80 pastors.  We have been asked by the Bishop if we could bring Africa Study Bibles for each of them and we are looking for people who might want to contribute for one or more Bibles. This Bible, printed by our friends at Oasis Publishing, has study notes focused on the leaders in Africa.  Most of the notes were written by African scholars to help leaders see Christianity with fresh eyes.

I would like to invite you to join me.  Our target is to raise $2,000 for 80 Bibles ($25 per Bible and includes shipping and handling).  There are two options:

  1. First you can send a check to ICM, PO Box 129, Monument CO 80132 and include a note that it is for “Discipling Marketplace Leaders – Africa Bibles – #609045.
  2. The second option is to go to here and follow the prompts.  Please select Discipling Marketplace Leaders in the dropbown, and in the comment box put in “Africa Study Bible”.
If/when you donate PLEASE drop me a note telling me how much you donated.  This is very important for tracking purposes.  Below is some comments about the Africa Study Bible:
God’s Word through African Eyes.

The Africa Study Bible brings together 350 contributors from over 50 countries, providing a unique African perspective. It’s an all-in-one course in biblical content, theology, history, and culture, with special attention to the African context. Each feature was planned by African leaders to help readers grow strong in Jesus Christ by providing understanding and instruction on how to live a good and righteous life:

  • Over 2600 notes explain the Bible, inspire readers to apply truth to everyday life, teach Christian values and doctrine, and more.
  • “Touchpoints” and “Proverbs and Stories” give African perspective on the Bible and also show parallels with African wisdom.
  • A narrative timeline highlights God’s work in Africa.
Thank you for your consideration and for being part of the team:  teaching, training, and discipling leaders!