“God is moved by faith, not by needs.”
“God is moved by faith, not by needs.”

“God is moved by faith, not by needs.”

This past week we had a delightful time with very thoughtful, experienced, wise pastors, church leaders, theologians, and business people. The Ghana DML Movement team carefully selected representatives from the following regions of Ghana: Northern Region, Ashanti Region, Brong-Ahafo Region, Western Region, Eastern Region, Upper East, and Central Region. All regions of Ghana, with the exception of Upper West, were represented. Then they selected leaders from Togo and Burkina Faso to join. And we also had guests from Liberia, and guests representing Sierra Leone present.

We had great in-depth discussions with those who were thinking of the big picture – in fact they are now not calling this the DML Ghana Movement, but the DML Africa Movement.

We were blessed to hear thoughtful comments like this throughout the week:

  • Africa is the most praying continent in the world and the poorest continent in the world. We need to stop praying so much and start acting!
  • The Church views businesses like a refrigerator. We just open the door and help ourselves!
  • You cannot speak of the glory of God if you are not living to the glory of God.
  • Are we teaching people to hear the voice of the Lord or are we trying to be the voice of the Lord to the people?
  • And the one in the title, “God is moved by faith, not by needs.” While I think we can debate this one, it does get one thinking.

These comments challenge us both as individuals and as a group.

And we also hear this feedback about our time together:

  • We have rediscovered a truth that is in plain sight. As you shared from the Old and New Testament, we began to see what is clear:  Jesus and the disciples spent more time in the marketplace than in any other place!
  • The theological teaching opens our eyes, but the practical teaching has equipped our hands.
  • The training was filled with examples, laughter, and stories. It gave me a fresh understanding of what it means to be the Church scattered. We are salt, light, and leaven in the community. Very, very practical.

Two of the participants shared early on that they had a vision of people walking arm in arm, linked together like a chain. That in order to change the Marketplace and for the Church to have relevance in the world today, Christians need to come together. As we closed our time together, we formed a circle and linked arms, and prayed for God to work in us and through us to be the change that we wish to see in our communities, in our churches, and in our nations.

On Sunday, all of our teams arrived from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Cameroon, to join the Nigerian team, UK team, US team, and Ghana team already at work. We know this week will be very full of activities, but we can’t wait to see how God will use this time together to build each other up, and ultimately to build His church! Please pray for our time together!