The Power of Multiplication
The Power of Multiplication

The Power of Multiplication

Last year we had Discipling Marketplace Leaders classes in educational institutions in three countries. So far THIS YEAR we have had DML classes in six countries with more than 175 students!

Last year we trained a total of 565 pastors and church leaders in the DML workshops. So far THIS YEAR we have more than doubled that, and have already trained more than 1200 pastors and church leaders!

But the news I’m really excited to share is that last year we had a DML prayer walks only in Kenya, taking place in four cities. THIS YEAR we are having prayer walks in Kenya (five cities), Ghana (three cities), Uganda (one city) and Ethiopia (one city). Four countries and ten cities!

We are recognizing the significance of prayer in the challenge of the work that we are doing. It’s not a secret that the enemy does not like us invading his turf in the Marketplace and reclaiming it for Christ. The challenges are with churches, who tend to be inward focused. The challenges are with businesses and their capacity to grow. The challenges are with the environment, which can be hostile and threatening. The challenges can come at many levels. We have been having a weekly prayer call for years where we pray about this ministry and what is happening in the various fields.

But we are recognizing that in many ways our prayers can revert to being reactive rather than proactive. The typical pattern is this: we work, we see issues, we ask for prayer, and we keep working. RATHER, we need to let prayer be the foundation from which we get the vision and then execute based on that.

I’m not saying that hasn’t happened. It has happened with every strategic plan and vision casting. But it is good to remind ourselves that prayer is not to be reactive but rather be proactive. We clearly see God leading this ministry, which is exciting! We continue to meet people whom God has already called and equipped for this ministry, and we get to join them in what God is already doing. That is exciting! These prayer walks are a chance to be proactive – to walk and pray and allow the Lord to reveal His message, His will, and the opportunities that He wants us to take.

Please join us in prayer both for the prayer walks as well as for the work and the battle that is taking place in seven countries and twenty-nine cities. Our God is an awesome God!

This morning I am leaving for a 42 day trip to Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. We will be doing four two-day workshops for pastors and church leaders (one in each country), one five-day Training of Trainers for 50+ in Ethiopia, two micro-business trainings (first one in Ethiopia and first one in Tanzania), and teaching at the Africa Theological Seminary in Kitale, Kenya. In addition to that will be countless meetings. The goal for the next six months is to help each country team build their capacity to be able to do these trainings on their own.

We covet your prayers!