Discipling Marketplace Leaders

Discipling Marketplace Leaders

Church-based Business as Mission


Discipling Marketplace Leaders believes that our work first begins on our knees. We have been praying as a team once a week for thirty minutes since the beginning of this ministry. But in 2020, during...


Ministry Overview Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) has a threefold focus: Universities, Seminaries and Bible Schools – God is calling His people to rediscover the Biblical truth that all work, done to the glory of God,...


Country & Partner Overview West Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria; Central Africa:  Cameroon, Burundi; East Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania The Church in Africa The Africa of today is far different than the Africa...

Back to Africa!

I am back in Africa!  I have not stepped foot on the continent for almost fourteen months, having made it back one day before things... Read More "Back to Africa!"

Aunt Juliana’s Cold Store

Madam Juliana Asabea Madam Juliana Asabea is an entrepreneur who operates a cold store for selling fish (fresh salmon). Her business name is “Aunty Juliana’s... Read More "Aunt Juliana’s Cold Store"

BAM and the Church

In this coming week, Discipling Marketplace Leaders will have the opportunity to speak during the BAM (Business as Mission) Global Congress on the role of... Read More "BAM and the Church"

Hurting Spirits and Kindred Spirits

HURTING SPIRITS In January, I wrote a blog on a story of two nurses and a pastor, describing potentially different responses by a church and pastor... Read More "Hurting Spirits and Kindred Spirits"