Our Mission

Our Mission

Discipling Marketplace Leaders educates, equips, and empowers the local church to establish a ministry that disciples every believer to live out work as worship and mission.

Looking for Subject Matter Experts

DML is looking for subject matter experts who are willing to help marketplace leaders navigate a world of possibilities. If you have a passion for teaching, mentoring, and coaching individuals and organizations to participate in...


Ministry Overview Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) has a threefold focus: Universities, Seminaries and Bible Schools – God is calling His people to rediscover the Biblical truth that all work, done to the glory of God,...


Country & Partner Overview:  Where DML is Working West Africa: Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria; Central Africa:  Cameroon, Burundi; East Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania The Church in Africa The Africa of today...

Prayer for Burkina Faso

A week ago, I was flying out of Burkina Faso to Liberia. Just five days later, on Friday, September 30, Burkina Faso experienced their second... Read More "Prayer for Burkina Faso"

Brief Update from the Road

Greetings from Liberia, dear brothers and sisters in Christ! I want to thank you for your prayers thus far on this trip, as they have... Read More "Brief Update from the Road"

Labor Day: A Time for Appreciation

For much of my life, Labor Day meant a three-day weekend and a signal for a season change (summer to fall). It didn't usually go... Read More "Labor Day: A Time for Appreciation"