Our Mission

Our Mission

Discipling Marketplace Leaders educates, equips, and empowers the local church to establish a ministry that disciples every believer to live out work as worship and mission.


Discipling Marketplace Leaders believes that our work first begins on our knees. We have been praying as a team once a week for thirty minutes since the beginning of this ministry. But in 2020, during...


Ministry Overview Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML) has a threefold focus: Universities, Seminaries and Bible Schools – God is calling His people to rediscover the Biblical truth that all work, done to the glory of God,...


Country & Partner Overview West Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria; Central Africa:  Cameroon, Burundi; East Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania The Church in Africa The Africa of today is far different than the Africa...

Your Kingdom Come

How often have you prayed the words from the Lord's Prayer,  "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"? ... Read More "Your Kingdom Come"

On the Frontline

We hear the term "on the frontline" a lot more these days.  In the past, it was often used only in reference to military positions. ... Read More "On the Frontline"

And now on to Liberia…

Last week was spent in Liberia, both in Monrovia and Kakata.  We are working with the Harvest Intercontinental Ministries, whose churches are spread throughout the... Read More "And now on to Liberia…"

Crazy for Cassava, Manic for Manioc, and Yums for Yuca!

Cassava, manioc, and yuca are different names for the same starchy tuber that grows in different parts of the world.  The French call it "manioc"... Read More "Crazy for Cassava, Manic for Manioc, and Yums for Yuca!"